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Features in the Gallery: Who’s the culprit?

This image below (from 2014-01-19) isn’t a mystery. We’re seeing a bright star through some secondary optical path. The star is out of focus — as secondary images normally are — and we see shadows from the optical and support … Continue reading

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SkyView version 3.0.1 released.

This is a minor release mostly to fix the small glitches and omissions we found in our first operational use of our new release process. The one substantive change allows DSSx requests to continue when a corrupt tile is found … Continue reading

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WMAP data accessible using SkyView Jar

We’ve made a small change to the way the WMAP data is described to allow it to be accessible either through the standard Web interface or to remote users using our SkyView Jar. Access isn’t quite the same as for … Continue reading

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Features in the Gallery: The GEICO Gecko?

One recent gallery entry shows — to me at least — a remarkable resemblance to the GEICO gecko. or you can see it a lot bigger in its gallery entry. This is a DSS blue image, and we don’t see … Continue reading

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Approximate Projections and Raw Cutouts

One feature that we’ve added to the underlying SkyView code recently is the ability to create approximate projections.  Several surveys in SkyView, the DSSn and NEAT include distortions in the projection plane that mean that the data cannot be accurately … Continue reading

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Features in the Gallery: Image boundaries

One of the images that had gotten temporarily concealed in our Gallery was DSS2 Red: 2nd Digitized Sky Survey (Red) Center: 12 53 36, -60 20 00 Created: 2009-10-20 02:48:39 There are a couple of weird things going on here. … Continue reading

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Corrected Astrometry for DSS Plates

We’ve updated the astrometry for two DSS plates: XJ643 and XP338. These are at RA,Dec of 180.62,14.74 and 282.84,40.08 in the DSS2 Blue and Red respectively. Thanks to Sergei Goshko at sky-map.org for pointing out the discrepancies.

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DSS question

Recently we had a query about how SkyView combines data where there is an overlap of plates in the Digitized Sky Survey datasets. The short answer is we don’t, but I thought the longer response might be of general interest. … Continue reading

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