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SkyView LogLog scaling

SDSS Image of 3c273 with standard log scaling. SDSS Image of 3C273 with new LogLog scaling. If you compare an SDSS image versus one for another optical survey like the DSS, there usually appears to be a lot less there. … Continue reading

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SkyView Blog Comments Policy

We welcome comments on any SkyView blog entry. Comments are moderated. Comments whose primary purpose seems to be to link to some other site and are not responsive to the article will be rejected. Please contact us at the regular … Continue reading

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SkyView Gallery Update

To make the SkyView Image Gallery easier to navigate (and faster to load) we have split it up into pages with 18 images per page. Navigation links are at the bottom. Thanks to all of our SkyView users who have … Continue reading

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New Batch Script

For years we have provided two scripts (skvbatch and webquery) that can be used together to run batch SkyView queries.  Recently users have had problems using the scripts due to local firewall issues so we are providing a new script … Continue reading

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Full GALEX GR4 Available in SkyView

The operational version of SkyView now supports the full GALEX GR4 release. This includes a total of about 170,000 UV images of the sky. Total coverage is about 25,000 square degrees or well over half the sky. As discussed in … Continue reading

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New SkyView Image Gallery

We have added an Image Gallery to the site and we welcome your SkyView images. Just click the Add to Gallery button below your generated images and they will be added to the gallery and included in the pool of … Continue reading

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