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Updated survey documentation for SkyView v3.4.3

We have updated the survey documentation page. It had gotten out of date and was missing some survey information. The Contents listing the available surveys by wavelength regime had been incomplete but is now generated automatically from all of the … Continue reading

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SkyView in a Jar file size fixed

The SkyView in a Jar file has been overly large lately. (We mistakenly included a bunch of unnecessary files when building the jar last time.) This has now been fixed so that the file size is back down to roughly … Continue reading

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SkyView update: v3.2.2 including HI4PI data

On Tuesday Dec. 13, 2016, we updated SkyView to v3.2.2 in order to include the new HI4PI radio survey. This dataset is the atomic neutral hydrogen (HI) column density map derived from HI4PI (|Vlsr| < 600 km/s). It includes the … Continue reading

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Problems accessing WISE data

For the past couple of weeks SkyView has not been able access data from the WISE archive. SkyView queries forĀ  WISE images in regions already in our cache worked fine, but users who requested a new region got back a … Continue reading

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SkyView 2MASS data interruption March 1, 2011

The remote system that serves 2MASS data was down for scheduled maintenance for a couple hours today. As of 3:50pm EST service has been restored and 2MASS data is again available in SkyView. We apologize for any inconvenience.

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Clip resampling of intensive quantities in SkyView

The SkyView web page now has two different options for using the Clip resampler. The clip resampler computes the overlaps between the user image’s output pixels and the original survey pixels and adds up the contributions from each overlap. The … Continue reading

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Recent SkyView Availability issues

SkyView experienced two separate outages the last two days. 2MASS data were unavailable most of Tuesday due to the downtime of the remote system hosting the 2MASS survey data. The problems were resolved and 2MASS data are now available again … Continue reading

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SkyView moved to new VM architecture

The operational SkyView machines have been moved to a virtualized environment. The numeric IP address for SkyView has been changed to This actually points to a load balancer on top of several virtual machines. The new machines are already … Continue reading

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SkyView on Flickr

A set of beautiful images mostly using RGB overlays from the DSS surveys has been put up at in a SkyView Flickr group. Flickr allows comments and tags on images. Perhaps Flickr is where the SkyView image gallery should go?

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Timeouts for SIA requests.

This morning we ran into a problem where too many SkyView requests were running simultaneously and so we had to reject some image requests. One of the reasons this happens is that SkyView accesses some data from remote services using … Continue reading

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