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SkyView v3.5.3 updates and bug fixes

SkyView has been updated to v3.5.3 today.  This version has changes to the following surveys:  GLEAM now includes the Galactic plane data as well as the Magellanic Clouds; and the UKIDSS survey is now using DR11 (previously DR8) and including … Continue reading

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Problems with UKIDSS and SDSS remote surveys

Over the past couple of days we have discovered problems in accessing two of our remote survey data sets. The UKIDSS simple image access service has been non-responsive. We’re hoping it comes up again soon. You can see the red … Continue reading

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SkyView access to UKIDSS survey data

SkyView users may now generate images using the public UKIRT Infrared Deep Sky Survey (UKIDSS) data. While UKIDSS data is available in only a fraction (14%) of the sky, it goes much deeper and has higher resolution than the 2MASS … Continue reading

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SkyView support for ZPN projection

As part of integrating UKIDSS data into SkyView, we have added support for the Zenithal Polynomial, ZPN, projection. In this projection the angular distance between a point on the sky and the reference position is transformed to a distance from … Continue reading

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UKIDSS surveys to be added to SkyView

Early in January 2013 we shall be adding access to the UKIRT Deep Infrared Sky Surveys (UKIDSS). Their web site describes these surveys as the successor to 2MASS. Ultimately they will cover about 7,000 square degrees, or a bit more … Continue reading

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