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Problems with UKIDSS and SDSS remote surveys

Over the past couple of days we have discovered problems in accessing two of our remote survey data sets. The UKIDSS simple image access service has been non-responsive. We’re hoping it comes up again soon. You can see the red … Continue reading

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SkyView V3.1.14: VLA FIRST (1.4 GHz) survey update

SkyView version 3.1.14 has been released with a change that affects FIRST survey images. It was brought to our attention that some FIRST images generated using SkyView differed from images generated via the FIRST web server. We investigated and found … Continue reading

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V3.1.6: RGB Images Bug Fix

The survey descriptions for a number of our surveys (notably including some of the DSS surveys and the IRAS and IRIS surveys) had an error in them that made it impossible to create RGB images if one of the affected … Continue reading

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SkyView V3.1.4: GALEX update, Memory fix

A user (thanks Steve U!) brought to our attention a problem with the GALEX survey in SkyView. SkyView uses the GALEX archive at MAST and only retrieves files when a user first requests data in a region. We keep files … Continue reading

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V3.1.2 released. Fixes to Mellinger survey

Version 3.1.2 of SkyView has been released. Three bugs all related to the Mellinger optical surveys have been fixed in this latest release. All relate to use of the the Mellinger data. The errors were present only in images of … Continue reading

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FITS Header Issue

In some cases SkyView has been including newline characters in FITS headers. This is a violation of the FITS standards and apparently confuses some tools about subsequent header records. We’ve put in a fix for the problem this morning (10/25) … Continue reading

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SkyView Image Gallery – missing images

Due to a programming bug SkyView images that were been submitted to the Image Gallery since the end of August 2009 have not been displayed.  The bug has been fixed and all submitted images now appear in the gallery. Thanks … Continue reading

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SkyView bug fix and security improvements

A software update was released today that includes a bug fix and improvements to the user input validation process. The bug that was causing the name resolver argument to be ignored has been fixed.  Due to the bug all positions … Continue reading

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CRVAL value in FITS file fixed

The bug that caused the incorrect values of FITS CRVAL keywords for fixed projections (described in the previous post) has been fixed.

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CRVAL Error in Fixed Projections

SkyView is currently putting incorrect values in the FITS CRVAL keywords of the fixed projections. The CRVAL keywords should be the center of the projection which in fixed projections is not necessarily the center of the image. For CAR, SFL … Continue reading

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