This blog is intended to be our primary mechanism for talking with users about what’s happening with SkyView. This includes new features and surveys, issues that other users have encountered, interesting images, SkyView in the news or anything else that catches our fancy. This blog will take the place of our old What’s New page.

We want to go this way for two reasons:

We hope we can get feedback from and engagement with our users. Please feel free to comment on our articles and on other users’ comments. Short or long, we’re really interested in what you have to say. Initially we’ll be moderating the comments due to NASA policy, but your comments should appear quickly. Our real hope is to foster a community of users who can interchange ideas on how to use SkyView and where it can go.

Also, a ‘What’s New’ page tends to describe things that are finished. We want something less formal where we can describe work in progress, problems other users have seen, problems we’re working on, ideas for the future, … and get your feedback as early as we can. We’ll use the tagging and categories features of the blog to distinguish the release notes. We’re hoping to put out at least a few items each week to give you a sense of where things are going.

Again please feel free to join in the discussion. If you have thoughts or suggestions that you’d prefer not to share with the world, or if you’d like to see a particular topic addressed on the blog, we’ll still be listening to E-mail at skyview@skyview.gsfc.nasa.gov.


Tom McGlynn
Laura McDonald

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  1. Nisia Thornton says:

    I just discovered Sky View, and want to get involved with the blog, and learn how to use SV to search for astronomical objects. If there’s a helpful beginner’s guide out there, would you let me know? Thanks, Nisia Kentucky, USA

  2. Laura says:

    This SkyView Help page is a good place to start.
    Also check out the Query form help page.
    The SkyView Image Gallery is a great place to see many interesting images SkyView users have generated

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