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We’ve just put out the preliminary version of SkyView V3.1.1 which has several more GOODS survey datasets: 8 new images of the north mostly from Gemini, three of south from the VLT ISAAC instrument, and five bands of Herschel data … Continue reading

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SkyView V3.1.0 released

We’ve just released version 3.1.0 as the default version for SkyView. This includes 5 new GOODS surveys — a total of 13 new bands — and a little new infrastructure to support them as discussed in our previous articles. The … Continue reading

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SkyView GOODS preview

We are currently in the process of rolling out 5 new surveys including 13 separate bands to enable SkyView users to take advantage of some of the deepest surveys that have been made of the sky. This is the biggest … Continue reading

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SkyView gets the GOODS

Next week we hope to begin releasing a whole new set of surveys in SkyView. These surveys are from the GOODS regions — the Great Observatories Origins Deep Survey. Two regions of the sky (northern and southern hemispheres), relatively devoid … Continue reading

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