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SkyView Fermi LAT Surveys

We have just released two gamma-ray all-sky surveys based upon the Fermi LAT weekly data. Fermi images go much deeper and have somewhat higher resolution than the old EGRET surveys. Fermi is also sensitive to gamma-rays at significantly higher energies, … Continue reading

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SkyView updates GALEX survey

Galaxy Evolution Explorer (GALEX) surveys have been updated to use the GALEX GR6 release. As mentioned in a previous post GR6 improvements include more sky coverage and a bit better calibration. Image generation for GALEX may be slow for a … Continue reading

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Clip resampling of intensive quantities in SkyView

The SkyView web page now has two different options for using the Clip resampler. The clip resampler computes the overlaps between the user image’s output pixels and the original survey pixels and adds up the contributions from each overlap. The … Continue reading

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New Fermi and GALEX surveys soon in SkyView

Over the next week or two we’ll be releasing a new and an updated survey set. The Fermi all-sky data will give us a major new image of the gamma-ray sky. Fermi has higher sensitivity and resolution than the EGRET … Continue reading

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WMAP 7 Year Data Available in SkyView

The WMAP survey has been updated to use the 7 year integrated datasets from the HEASARC/Lambda archive. Previously we had been using the 5 year data. While there are small changes in the pixel values the underlying organization of the … Continue reading

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