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SkyView and HiPS

Next week we’ll be releasing version 3.3.0 of SkyView.  The big change from the user perspective will be the new Swift XRT combined image.  This is similar in spirit to the venerable PSPC surveys — we’ve added all of the … Continue reading

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Long time, no see

SkyView development has been slowed by a concentration on some other work at the HEASARC, notably a new version of our main archive interface. However next week we’ll be releasing a new version which includes the HEALPix and WMAP data … Continue reading

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SkyView to include HEALPix and WMAP

For some while we have been looking at how to put the data from the Wilkinson Microwave Anistropy Probe (WMAP) into SkyView. The WMAP data are central to our current understanding of cosmology. However WMAP images are generally stored in … Continue reading

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