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Planck data in SkyView

This week we will be adding all-sky surveys from the Planck mission to SkyView. Planck provides nine all-sky images in the range from roughly 30-1000 GeV. While many Planck science goals relate to cosmology, Planck’s resolution approaches that of IRAS, … Continue reading

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WMAP data accessible using SkyView Jar

We’ve made a small change to the way the WMAP data is described to allow it to be accessible either through the standard Web interface or to remote users using our SkyView Jar. Access isn’t quite the same as for … Continue reading

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SkyView includes WMAP Nine Year Data

We have updated SkyView to use the new nine year maps for WMAP. These represent the full mission dataset for the Wilkinson Microwave Anisotropy Probe. The structure is unchanged from the earlier 7 year data. We provide a total of … Continue reading

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WMAP 7 Year Data Available in SkyView

The WMAP survey has been updated to use the 7 year integrated datasets from the HEASARC/Lambda archive. Previously we had been using the 5 year data. While there are small changes in the pixel values the underlying organization of the … Continue reading

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New SkyView Survey: WMAP

Microwave data from the WMAP (Wilkinson Microwave Anisotropy Probe) mission are now available in SkyView. WMAP is the first fine-resolution (0.2 degree) all-sky map of Cosmic Microwave Background (CMB) radiation. For more information see our Survey Information page and the … Continue reading

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Long time, no see

SkyView development has been slowed by a concentration on some other work at the HEASARC, notably a new version of our main archive interface. However next week we’ll be releasing a new version which includes the HEALPix and WMAP data … Continue reading

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SkyView to include HEALPix and WMAP

For some while we have been looking at how to put the data from the Wilkinson Microwave Anistropy Probe (WMAP) into SkyView. The WMAP data are central to our current understanding of cosmology. However WMAP images are generally stored in … Continue reading

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