SkyView version 3.0.1 released.

This is a minor release mostly to fix the small glitches and omissions we found in our first operational use of our new release process.

The one substantive change allows DSSx requests to continue when a corrupt tile is found in the underlying data. DSSx data are compressed in 500×500 or 768×768 pixel tiles that are restored as needed when rendering a DSS image. There are about 1000 tiles for each plate scan and we have a total of about 7,000 plate scans. About six years ago we tried to decompress all data and found 19 bad tiles. We were able to get 9 of them updated (see the 2008/02/06 entry in However users could run into one of the 10 remaining bad tiles which heretofore caused the entire SkyView request to fail. Now the bad tile is rendered as zeroes but processing continues and a warning message is given in the results. Thanks to Jim M for noting the problem.

Note that the address for the SkyView home page is now This gives the current version. You can get to earlier versions by replacing current with a specific version, currently v3.0.0 or v3.0.1. We anticipate keeping at least the last few versions around when possible.

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