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WISE versus IRAS

Just to see the incredible improvement WISE makes over the IRAS data here are two images of the same region (0.2×0.2 degrees at RA=2h 40m, Dec=20). The IRAS image (from the IRIS 12 micron survey) is very pixelated… There’s almost … Continue reading

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SkyView Version 2.6

Version 2.6 of SkyView has been released. The major change is largely invisible to the users. When using the Clip sampler on large images we sometimes run into a problem where the corners of a user pixel when transformed into … Continue reading

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More SkyView LogLog scaling

The LogLog scaling that was the subject of a previous post has been added to the SkyView Query Form. Look for it as a Brightness Scaling option in the Other Options section.

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SkyView LogLog scaling

SDSS Image of 3c273 with standard log scaling. SDSS Image of 3C273 with new LogLog scaling. If you compare an SDSS image versus one for another optical survey like the DSS, there usually appears to be a lot less there. … Continue reading

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