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SkyView v3.2.0: Some survey data removed from jar

SkyView-in-a-Jar users will note that the new v3.2.0 SkyView jar is much smaller than the earlier versions, under 4 megabytes compared to over 15 megabytes for v3.1.21. Part of the reason is that the way we access some older surveys … Continue reading

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A Bit of a Speed Bump: V3.1.21

We have released a new version of SkyView (V3.1.21) which  includes changes in the way we gather meta data for image generation. When we build SkyView we  now create a single hash file which associates all survey names and aliases with the appropriate survey descriptions. … Continue reading

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SkyView V3.1.14: VLA FIRST (1.4 GHz) survey update

SkyView version 3.1.14 has been released with a change that affects FIRST survey images. It was brought to our attention that some FIRST images generated using SkyView differed from images generated via the FIRST web server. We investigated and found … Continue reading

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SkyView release v3.1.12

We have released SkyView v3.1.12  with 2 enhancements!  This new version adds social network sharing options to the SkyView Image Gallery  and a helpful option to the Overlays section of the main SkyView Query form. Facebook and Twitter Share buttons are now displayed with … Continue reading

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SkyView bug fix and security improvements

A software update was released today that includes a bug fix and improvements to the user input validation process. The bug that was causing the name resolver argument to be ignored has been fixed.  Due to the bug all positions … Continue reading

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New Release v2.4b

This afternoon we released the new Jar version 2.4b of SkyView. The changes are predominantly internal and are described in a previous post. However, there is one change that affects the SkyView web site. An old feature from the pre-java … Continue reading

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New Release: V2.4

This afternoon we released the new Jar version 2.4 of SkyView. There have been a lot of incremental changes since our original release of 2.3. Today’s release includes new or enhanced support for 3 projections (Arc, Stg and Sfl) and … Continue reading

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Reference Coordinates in Fixed Projections

SkyView treats a number of projections (Aitoff, Cartesian, Sansom-Flamsteed/Sinusoidal) as fixed projections. Regardless of the position you specify, the sky is projected to the plane in the same way. All that your coordinate entry changes is the center of the … Continue reading

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Smoothing bug

The smoothing algorithm has a problem: It propogates NaNs to the right. A new version of SkyView with this fixed will be released on April 29.

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