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SkyView V3.5.0 released: Planck DR3 Data

We have just made SkyView v3.5.0 the default version for the system. In addition to the changes discussed in the prior post, we’ve updated the Planck surveys to use the latest DR3 release. This version also fixes a bug that … Continue reading

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SkyView V3.4.5: New Surveys and Projection

We’re announcing a test release of SkyView V3.4.5. The new version includes the DRAO 22 MHz survey of most of the sky. This is now the lowest energy survey in SkyView. See Rogers et al, 1999 for details. In addition … Continue reading

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SkyView V3.3.2: Links to Mosaicking Inputs

Version 3.3.2 of SkyView has been released with two significant changes: updated memory limits, and links to data inputs. The parameters used to set the heap size limits for SkyView web requests have been updated so that users will generally … Continue reading

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Planck Now Available Through SkyView

SkyView now provides access to the Planck all-sky survey data in nine frequency bands from 30 to 857 GHz. Currently we are using the data as released by the Planck team–a single file for each band. This requires SkyView to … Continue reading

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Planck data in SkyView

This week we will be adding all-sky surveys from the Planck mission to SkyView. Planck provides nine all-sky images in the range from roughly 30-1000 GeV. While many Planck science goals relate to cosmology, Planck’s resolution approaches that of IRAS, … Continue reading

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