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Where is a given pixel?

Included in the skyview.util package are two simple utilities that find the coordinate of a pixel in the image or the pixel corresponding to given coordinates. You can use them as: java -cp skyview.jar skyview.util.CoordsPixel filename.fits 10.3 11.4 to find … Continue reading

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Finding which image was used for each pixel

One of the major functions of SkyView is mosaicking multiple images together. Occasionally you may be interested in finding out which source image was used for a given pixel. The FITS header indicates which images were used somewhere, but normally … Continue reading

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New RASS Diffuse Emission maps

A new survey including seven bands of data from the ROSAT All Sky Survey data has been added to SkyView. The RASS Background 1-7 data show the entire sky in diffuse X-ray emission. Point sources have been subtracted out. This … Continue reading

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New Release: V2.4

This afternoon we released the new Jar version 2.4 of SkyView. There have been a lot of incremental changes since our original release of 2.3. Today’s release includes new or enhanced support for 3 projections (Arc, Stg and Sfl) and … Continue reading

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Reference Coordinates in Fixed Projections

SkyView treats a number of projections (Aitoff, Cartesian, Sansom-Flamsteed/Sinusoidal) as fixed projections. Regardless of the position you specify, the sky is projected to the plane in the same way. All that your coordinate entry changes is the center of the … Continue reading

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Smoothing bug

The smoothing algorithm has a problem: It propogates NaNs to the right. A new version of SkyView with this fixed will be released on April 29.

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DSS question

Recently we had a query about how SkyView combines data where there is an overlap of plates in the Digitized Sky Survey datasets. The short answer is we don’t, but I thought the longer response might be of general interest. … Continue reading

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Welcome to the new SkyView Blog!

This blog is intended to be our primary mechanism for talking with users about what’s happening with SkyView. This includes new features and surveys, issues that other users have encountered, interesting images, SkyView in the news or anything else that … Continue reading

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