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SkyView v3.5.1: CopyWCS and SIA fixes

We have just released SkyView v3.5.1 which has a couple of fixes that shouldn’t affect most people. A bug in the handling of the CopyWCS keyword has been fixed. CopyWCS is a keyword which allows a SkyView-in-a-Jar user to specify … Continue reading

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v3.4.2: SIA bug accessing Swift fixed

There had been a problem accessing Swift UVOT and XRT data through the Simple Image Access (SIA) service. ¬†These data are stored in HIPS format, and this bug affected only those. It should now be fixed. Note that this did … Continue reading

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SkyView V3.4.0: Handling Binary VOTables in SIAP data

Access to the TGSS ADR1 survey has taken a bit of a hit in the past couple of weeks. The TGSS data is served remotely by SkyView: we provide a resampling proxy to the underlying archive. As discussed in our … Continue reading

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Continued SDSS issues

While remote access to the UKIDSS server was restored shortly after our last message we are continuing to have problems with the SDSS. In addition to the problems with the metadata found in the SDSS SIA service, there has been … Continue reading

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Timeouts for SIA requests.

This morning we ran into a problem where too many SkyView requests were running simultaneously and so we had to reject some image requests. One of the reasons this happens is that SkyView accesses some data from remote services using … Continue reading

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NEAT Simple Image Access Fix

There was an error in the VO Simple Image Access (SIA) server for the SkyMorph/NEAT database.¬† It had an error in its error handling. When an SIA call results in an error the service is supposed to return a specified … Continue reading

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