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WISE and 2MASS move to HTTPS

Access to data at IRSA recently has moved to requiring HTTPS URLs. This has broken SkyView’s access to the WISE and 2MASS surveys. We have just updated the URLs in the current version of SkyView to re-enable access to these … Continue reading

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V3.1.10: WISE now uses All-WISE data

We’re getting ready to release the next version of SkyView. The only significant change is an update to the WISE datasets which will now point to the All-WISE data release. This provides significantly deeper coverage in some areas and bands … Continue reading

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WISE and SDSS problems

Recently we’ve had some problems with access to the WISE and SDSS surveys (but not the SDSS DR7). We access these remotely using a standard protocol where we first find a list of the images in the region of interest … Continue reading

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WISE survey interruption

No access to WISE survey data was possible for much of today due to problems at IPAC. These have been resolved and WISE data should again be available through SkyView.  

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Features in the Gallery: Klingon Forcefields?

  Since there are more than 100 surveys in SkyView, it shouldn’t be surprising that we are not experts in the characteristics of each one. A blog reader noted that there is a very unusual feature in the WISE data … Continue reading

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WISE All-Sky Data Available in SkyView

SkyView is now serving the data from the WISE All-Sky Data release. The main difference with the preliminary release is coverage on the ~40% of the sky that was missing in the earlier release. However the entire dataset has been … Continue reading

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WISE versus IRAS

Just to see the incredible improvement WISE makes over the IRAS data here are two images of the same region (0.2×0.2 degrees at RA=2h 40m, Dec=20). The IRAS image (from the IRIS 12 micron survey) is very pixelated… There’s almost … Continue reading

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SkyView links to WISE Preliminary Release Data

Data from the Wide-field Infrared Survey Explorer (WISE) Preliminary Release are now available in SkyView. WISE has made 4 all-sky surveys at 3.4, 4.6, 12 and 22 microns. The WISE surveys provide a remarkable picture of the sky in the … Continue reading

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