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SkyView support for ZPN projection

As part of integrating UKIDSS data into SkyView, we have added support for the Zenithal Polynomial, ZPN, projection. In this projection the angular distance between a point on the sky and the reference position is transformed to a distance from … Continue reading

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FITS Header Issue

In some cases SkyView has been including newline characters in FITS headers. This is a violation of the FITS standards and apparently confuses some tools about subsequent header records. We’ve put in a fix for the problem this morning (10/25) … Continue reading

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Duplicate EPOCHs in GALEX data

If you’ve tried the new GALEX survey from the command line, you may have noticed some messages Warning: Multiple occurrences of key: EPOCH popping up. Many of the GALEX FITS files have two EPOCH keywords in their headers. Fortunately they … Continue reading

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New ImageFinders and Faster FITS

The GALEX release was accompanied by a few other changes. The one that some users may notice is that for surveys where the data is gzip compressed, SkyView should be a little faster. SkyView was sometimes reading the entire image … Continue reading

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