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Features in the Gallery: Space Frisbees?

This image from 2009-04-27 22:10:22 seems to show a lot of disks in the sky. What’s going on here? The image is taken from the ROSAT pointed observations. The ROSAT mission comprised two phases. In an initial phase the satellite … Continue reading

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Circular images, GALEX and Image Finders.

In the past week we’ve begun the process of adding the GALEX near and far UV data into SkyView. Assuming we don’t run into unexpected problems it should be available sometime next week. One issue that did come up is … Continue reading

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New RASS Diffuse Emission maps

A new survey including seven bands of data from the ROSAT All Sky Survey data has been added to SkyView. The RASS Background 1-7 data show the entire sky in diffuse X-ray emission. Point sources have been subtracted out. This … Continue reading

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