SkyView V3.1.14: VLA FIRST (1.4 GHz) survey update

FIRST image of 3C273

FIRST image of 3C273 generated in SkyView

SkyView version 3.1.14 has been released with a change that affects FIRST survey images.

It was brought to our attention that some FIRST images generated using SkyView differed from images generated via the FIRST web server. We investigated and found that the files we created to describe FIRST data contained some older FIRST file names. These older files were being retrieved to generate FIRST images instead of newer reprocessed data files. We have updated out FIRST data description files so that only the latest data files will be used to generate FIRST images in SkyView.

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7 Responses to SkyView V3.1.14: VLA FIRST (1.4 GHz) survey update

  1. mobileinfoshop says:

    Which camera used to capture this photo?

  2. Laura says:


    This image is from the VLA FIRST (Faint Images of the Radio Sky at Twenty-centimeters) project.

    SkyView FIRST survey information page

    I hope this information answers your question.

    -Laura McDonald

  3. Guillaume says:

    Hi Laura and Tom,

    Where is the updated jar file? I use it mostly on the command line to combine/reproject my own images. Thanks

  4. Laura says:


    There was a problem with the SkyView download page. You should be able to download the jar file now:

    If you still have problems let us know. Thanks for alerting us.


  5. Guillaume says:

    Thanks a lot Laura. BTW, is Tom still around? I see that you seem to have taken over all this stuff. What’s he up to?

  6. Laura says:

    Tom is definitely still around. I am monitoring the blog comments and user emails so you will probably hear from me unless Tom’s expertise is required. Hope all is well at ESA –Laura

  7. Caspian says:

    I monitor your blog, It is perfect. thanks so much.

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