SkyView V3.1.13: SkyView-in-a-Jar bug fixes.

We’ve just released new version of SkyView that fixes a couple of bugs associated with using SkyView-in-a-Jar. Users of the web pages should not see any changes.

There is a batch mode option in the jar which allows many requests to be run without restarting Java each time. In some cases batch mode requests after the first would fail. SkyView attempts to optimize the calculation of the resampling geometry when a user requests images from multiple surveys that have exactly the same geometry on the sky, (I.e. they are broken into tiles with the same sky coverage like the four IRAS or IRIS surveys). Unfortunately this ‘optimization’ was sometimes being applied to subsequent batch mode requests even though the requested positions were quite different. Thanks to Kelley Hess for bringing this to our attention. When we fixed this we also updated the parsing of quotes in the batch file to mimic the behavior of the command line more closely.

The other problem did not cause any errors in the output. If a user had set the SaveBySurvey flag to request that data from different surveys be saved in different cache directories, then in a request where there was both multiple surveys requested and a contour image, the cached data for the second and later images was being stored in the directory associated with the survey that contour image was taken from. E.g., if the user had specified

SaveBySurveys Survey=s1,s2,s3 Contour=c1 position=xxx

then the cached files for surveys s2 and s3 were stored in the directory for c1. This is unlikely to be a problem for most users, but it meant that we occasionally had junk in the cache that our SkyView web server maintains.

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