New Release: V2.4

This afternoon we released the new Jar version 2.4 of SkyView. There have been a lot of incremental changes since our original release of 2.3. Today’s release includes new or enhanced support for 3 projections (Arc, Stg and Sfl) and has support for two new surveys that should be coming on line in the next few days. There are a number of bug fixes (e.g., see the recent post on Smoothing), and our new RefCoords setting which allows fixed projections to be centered anywhere on the sky. This capability was added in response to a user request. So please let us know if there’s something you need!

A new version of the SkyView User’s Guide and a new set of the JavaDoc’s documenting the classes has also been released.

New features and surveys should be showing up in our on-line version later this week.

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