V3.1.6: RGB Images Bug Fix

The survey descriptions for a number of our surveys (notably including some of the DSS surveys and the IRAS and IRIS surveys) had an error in them that made it impossible to create RGB images if one of the affected surveys was the first of the three images. Basically we used the keyword <Scale> to describe the size of the pixels in the survey metadata rather than <PixelScale>. This misuse conflicted with the use of the <Scale> keyword elsewhere to give the default scale for the survey. In fact the actual value usually represents the same value as <PixelScale>, but it is always given in decimal degrees while the <PixelScale> typically includes non-numeric characters (e.g., a ‘ to indicate arcminutes or ” for arcseconds) that define the units.

We will be releasing Version 3.1.6 with the updated survey descriptions. Our apologies for any problems that users may have run into.

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