TGSS issue

A couple of users noticed that requests for data from the TGSS ADR1 survey were not working. We’ve tracked this down to a change in the URLs used at the archive in the Netherlands used to store the TGSS data. They have moved to using secure HTTP (i.e., HTTPS urls), and were providing redirection from the old URLs to the new ones. While browsers and many programs will automatically follow such redirections, Java programs will not follow a redirect automatically if the scheme changes, as here where it goes from http to https. We’ve updated the URLs we were using and all should now be working.

Since we’ve fixed this without making a full formal release, if you use SkyView-in-a-Jar you may need to clear out the tgss.xml.gz file in your skycache but otherwise no action should be needed by users. We’ll be doing the full release soon at which point the tgss.xml.gz file will update automatically.

Our apologies to anyone inconvenienced by this and many thanks to those who pointed out the problem.

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