SkyView V3.3.1: Swift UVOT, UltraVista and CFHT HiPS data

We are about to release SkyView version 3.3.1.  This new version includes extended support for HiPS data and has many new surveys.  The primary new datasets are counts, intensity and exposure maps for the Swift UVOT instrument in seven filters.  All data for the first 11.5 years of the mission have been combined into HiPS for each filter.  For the most observed filters a bit under 3% of the sky is observed.  There is a fair bit of overlap but also many differences in the coverage of the various filters.


M81 in UVOT U, UVW1 and UVW2 filters

We have also added in a number of other HIPS surveys from the UltraVista and CFHT surveys. These data are just a few of the many data in Hiearchical Progessive Survey (HiPS) format that are currently available through the web. We anticipate making more available in future data. HiPS joins the VO Simple Image Access Protocol in enabling SkyView to access data from remote

Caching of HiPS data is now supported and some some issues that disabled special access to a UVOT overlay capability have been resolved.

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