NASA SkyView vs SkyView

We often get email requesting  help downloading and using SkyView on the iPhone and other devices.  We thought we would try to clear up some apparent confusion.  These questions refer to a smart phone app that is not associated with NASA SkyView but has the same name – SkyView (or SkyView Free).  Information about this app can be found at the Apple App Store and the Terminal Eleven site.

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  1. Susan Gleason says:

    What constellation is star RA 4.195 and Declination +08.18 located in the sky
    Birth date 12th of May 2016- it is permanently filed in the star register

  2. Laura says:

    Hello Susan,

    One site that can help you find the constellation is

    Enter your coordinates in the Aim Point search box to display a constellation map centered on your coordinates.

    I hope this helps,

    Laura McDonald

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