SkyView V3.2.1: SDSS and AKARI fixes

On Wednesday we released SkyView version 3.2.1 to fix the SDSS survey. It includes a new capability where when we are using an SIA service we can apply a regular expression transformation to the URLs being returned. We use this to transform SDSS image tile URLs from… to…. The setting SiapUrlTransform expects two comma-separated fields which are interpreted as arguments to the Java String.replaceAll(String,String) method in modifying the input URL string.

We’ve had this fix for several days but were unable to release it. SkyView was unable to see remote HTTPS URLs due to GSFCs firewall settings. As soon as that was addressed by our system managers we made the release.

Shortly after we communicated some concerns with the publishers of the AKARI data regarding issues with their SIA service. They were using Ecliptic coordinates in places where ICRS coordinates were required. SkyView had implemented special code to address this. The AKARI team very quickly implemented fixes on their end, and this morning we removed the special handling we had been performing for AKARI. We delivered this as a modification to the v3.2.1 survey file rather than a new release to minimize the time that AKARI was off-line. SkyView in a Jar users who are using version 3.2.0 or later should get the new survey description next time they access AKARI data. Users of older versions of SkyView will need to upgrade to access AKARI data properly.

Users may have seen problems with accessing AKARI data for several hours this morning until we updated our software to recognize their fixes.

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