New Fermi and GALEX surveys soon in SkyView

Over the next week or two we’ll be releasing a new and an updated survey set. The Fermi all-sky data will give us a major new image of the gamma-ray sky. Fermi has higher sensitivity and resolution than the EGRET all-sky map — which was one of SkyView‘s original datasets. Once we get Fermi on-board we anticipate updating this survey every few months until we get to the end of the mission, gradually increasing the sensitivity of the survey. If there is interest we can also provide Fermi data as a time resolved image, e.g., with two month resolution.

We’ll also be updating the GALEX surveys to use the GALEX GR6 release. GR6 has more sky coverage and a bit better calibration than the GR4 data we’ve been serving for the past couple of years. We retrieve GALEX data from STScI caching each image locally the first time it is used. We’ll need to flush our caches when we do the upgrade, so getting GALEX images may slow down a little for a while as the caches get rebuilt.

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