Where are people interested in?

Occasionally we go back and take a look at where people have asked for images from SkyView. The following image gives the distribution of SkyView requests as a simple Cartesian (RA,Dec) map. The Galactic plane is very prominent, and even the Ecliptic shows up as an enhancement (even though SkyView has no solar system objects). The Magellenic clouds and M31 and many other prominent targets are clearly delineated. There remains a lot of structure whose origin is quite unclear.

This represents about 2.5 million requests since the June 2007. Requests for images in fixed projections (Aitoff, Cartesian, and TOAST) are not included since what we record are the CRVALn entries in the FITS files, and it is precisely these values that are fixed in those projections.

Popularity of SkyView Images

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