SkyView links to WISE Preliminary Release Data

Data from the Wide-field Infrared Survey Explorer (WISE) Preliminary Release are now available in SkyView. WISE has made 4 all-sky surveys at 3.4, 4.6, 12 and 22 microns. The WISE surveys provide a remarkable picture of the sky in the infrared.

The two longest WISE wavelengths correspond closely to the two shorter IRAS bands but WISE has vastly higher resolution and sensitivity. The two shorter WISE wavelengths fill in the gap between the 2MASS K band (2.16 microns) and the 12 micron data.

The preliminary release covers a bit over half the sky as shown in this coverage map from the WISE archive at IPAC.WISE Preliminary Release coverage

Note that WISE data are distributed in large chunks. When SkyView first observes a region it will download the WISE data from the IPAC archive which may take a while. Subsequent images from the same region should run much faster.

As the title of the survey suggests, a full WISE release is forthcoming and should be available next month. We’ll switch over to that as soon as it’s available through the appropriate VO protocols.

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2 Responses to SkyView links to WISE Preliminary Release Data

  1. dave lamon says:

    will sky view be published soon for droids

  2. Tom McGlynn says:

    The version of SkyView discussed here is not a smart phone application but a web site.

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