UKIDSS surveys to be added to SkyView

Early in January 2013 we shall be adding access to the UKIRT Deep Infrared Sky Surveys (UKIDSS). Their web site describes these surveys as the successor to 2MASS. Ultimately they will cover about 7,000 square degrees, or a bit more than one sixth of the sky. UKIDSS goes about 3 magnitudes deeper than 2MASS (a factor of ~15 in brightness) and has substantially higher resolution.

SkyView will use the public UKIDSS data which currently are release DR7.

The UKIDSS data that we will include to includes four bands, Y, J, H, and K which range in wavelength from about 0.97 to 2.37 microns, or in frequency from 310 to 126 THz. Only limited Y band coverage is available. Survey resolution is 1″ and pixels are 0.4″ on a side.

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