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Planck Now Available Through SkyView

SkyView now provides access to the Planck all-sky survey data in nine frequency bands from 30 to 857 GHz. Currently we are using the data as released by the Planck team–a single file for each band. This requires SkyView to … Continue reading

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SkyView updates

We are releasing a new version of SkyView today (2012-06-25). We’ve a separate article on the new INTEGRAL Galactic Plane surveys, but we’ve made some changes that affect many of the survey datasets. For each survey that we support, SkyView … Continue reading

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New Fermi Surveys

We’re pleased to be able to provide a new set of Fermi surveys. Fermi is the highest energy survey in SkyView and heretofore we had been providing two bands of Fermi data, from 100 to 5450 MHz and 5450 MHz … Continue reading

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SkyView Allsky Images from Gamma-ray to Radio

We have been thinking of ways to add more educational aspects to the SkyView website and our first step was to create a slide show of survey data that cover the entire sky. This first image set is in equatorial … Continue reading

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SkyView Fermi LAT Surveys

We have just released two gamma-ray all-sky surveys based upon the Fermi LAT weekly data. Fermi images go much deeper and have somewhat higher resolution than the old EGRET surveys. Fermi is also sensitive to gamma-rays at significantly higher energies, … Continue reading

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SkyView updates GALEX survey

Galaxy Evolution Explorer (GALEX) surveys have been updated to use the GALEX GR6 release. As mentioned in a previous post GR6 improvements include more sky coverage and a bit better calibration. Image generation for GALEX may be slow for a … Continue reading

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New SkyView Survey: WMAP

Microwave data from the WMAP (Wilkinson Microwave Anisotropy Probe) mission are now available in SkyView. WMAP is the first fine-resolution (0.2 degree) all-sky map of Cosmic Microwave Background (CMB) radiation. For more information see our Survey Information page and the … Continue reading

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GALEX survey available!

SkyView now includes data from GALEX. This is a major new survey for us. GALEX provides high resolution images in the ultraviolet for about a quarter of the sky. This fills a substantial hole in the resolution/regime coverage for SkyView. … Continue reading

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New RASS Diffuse Emission maps

A new survey including seven bands of data from the ROSAT All Sky Survey data has been added to SkyView. The RASS Background 1-7 data show the entire sky in diffuse X-ray emission. Point sources have been subtracted out. This … Continue reading

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