GALEX survey available!

SkyView now includes data from GALEX. This is a major new survey for us. GALEX provides high resolution images in the ultraviolet for about a quarter of the sky. This fills a substantial hole in the resolution/regime coverage for SkyView. The GALEX data are accessed through the Web from MAST. Currently the fourth release of GALEX data (GR4) is being ingested and we will update the survey description to include new data as it becomes available.

By default GALEX uses a different image finder than other surveys. When it needs to choose which input image to sample for a given output pixel, it looks only at images whose center is under some maximum radius from the position of the output pixel and then chooses the one of those with the longest exposure time. The maximum radius is currently set to 0.58 degrees. These settings can be overridden if you use the SkyView-in-a-Jar locally, but are fixed for the Web interface.

M81 3 Color image: Red: DSS2R, Green: GALEXNear, Blue: GALEXFar
A three color image of M81 with Red=DSS2R, Green=GALEX Near, Blue=GALEX Far

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  1. Weeksgo says:

    This is AMAZING! GALEX is amazing!! The image of M81 captured by GALEX is very clear. This technology is so complicated and far from my understanding. I am glad that we have a team of very bright people to develop such a complicated device so that we can know more about the universe. All I can say is AMAZING

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