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SkyView version 3.0.1 released.

This is a minor release mostly to fix the small glitches and omissions we found in our first operational use of our new release process. The one substantive change allows DSSx requests to continue when a corrupt tile is found … Continue reading

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We’re Back!

SkyView is back up and running! ¬† We appreciate your patience while we were offline. Here’s a random image submitted by a SkyView user to our Image Gallery. ¬†Enjoy!  

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Updated VLA FIRST Survey

We have updated the VLA FIRST data to include many new observations made available at the MAST archive. These are available immediately at our web site. If you would like to use the new data using SkyView-in-a-Jar please download the … Continue reading

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Swift BAT 70 Month Survey Available in SkyView

A new release of the Swift BAT all sky survey is now available. This has data from the first 70 months of the Swift mission. It is much more sensitive than the 9 month surveys that we had heretofore. Both … Continue reading

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Planck data in SkyView

This week we will be adding all-sky surveys from the Planck mission to SkyView. Planck provides nine all-sky images in the range from roughly 30-1000 GeV. While many Planck science goals relate to cosmology, Planck’s resolution approaches that of IRAS, … Continue reading

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Gallery changes

We’re changing the way the User Image Gallery is organized so that you can use it more effectively. Previously we’d set up the gallery so that the last 9 images were on the first page, the previous nine on the … Continue reading

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Error accessing GRANT-SIGMA survey

A typo in the survey description had disabled the GRANT/SIGMA survey. This is now fixed. I apologize for the error.

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UKIDSS surveys to be added to SkyView

Early in January 2013 we shall be adding access to the UKIRT Deep Infrared Sky Surveys (UKIDSS). Their web site describes these surveys as the successor to 2MASS. Ultimately they will cover about 7,000 square degrees, or a bit more … Continue reading

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SDSS update

The FITS headers generated by the SDSS surveys will now reflect that these are using DR9 data rather than DR8 results. The SDSS site switched to using DR9 a couple of weeks ago. We’re told the primary difference is improved … Continue reading

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SDSS DR9 release

It appears that the SDSS servers have begun serving SDSS DR9 data. SkyView accesses the SDSS through the Virtual Observatory Simple Image Access protocol (SIAP). In this protocol a user first requests a list of the images available in a … Continue reading

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