AKARI and TGSS ADR1 in SkyView: V3.1.20

Two new surveys sets have been added to the next release of SkyView (v3.1.20): Four new infrared all-sky surveys taken by the AKARI FIS (wavelengths between 60 and 160 microns) are now available. We have also added the TGSS ADR1 survey, a near all-sky high-resolution survey at 150 MHz (2 meters). Breaking out the acronym this is the [Tata Institute for Fundamental Research (TIFR)] [Giant Metrewave Radio Telescope (GMRT)] Sky Survey First Alternate Data Release. Thanks to Huib Intema for help in adding this survey to SkyView.

These surveys use the VO Simple Image Access protocol to retrieve data from the archive centers at JAXA/JVO and Leiden respectively. Until we build up a local cache of data from popular regions access may be a little slower than it will ultimately be. The TGSS survey uses Lanczos resampling and Sqrt image scaling as a default, but these may be overriden by the user.

We have expanded the display of the infrared and radio surveys a little: breaking out various infrared missions and separating the radio data into GHz and MHz surveys. So there’s a bit of change in the appearance but no surveys should have been deleted.

The release also includes a few internal tweaks and bug fixes that should be invisible to users.
V3.1.20 is anticipated to be released on July 11 but is available now if you use the version explicitly.

If you have any surveys or other capabilities you would like to see added to SkyView please let us know.

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