Swift BAT 70 Month Survey Available in SkyView

A new release of the Swift BAT all sky survey is now available. This has data from the first 70 months of the Swift mission. It is much more sensitive than the 9 month surveys that we had heretofore. Both signal to noise and flux maps are provided. In the web interface flux maps are provided as links off of SNR map results, but both sets of maps are available directly through the batch interfaces. This is the inverse of what we used to have, but the SNR maps seem the better map to use when asking the question of whether anything is being detected at a given location.

Data are now divided into 8 energy bands (compared to 4 before) and a combined SNR image is also available. The surveys available are:

Band Energy (keV) Frequency (EHz)
1 14-20 3.38-4.84
2 20-24 4.84-5.80
3 24-35 5.80-8.46
4 35-50 8.46-12.1
5 50-75 12.1-18.1
6 75-100 18.1-24.2
7 100-150 24.2-36.3
8 150-195 36.3-47.2
Sum (SNR only) 14-195 3.38-47.2

You can specify the survey using either the band or the energy range. E.g.,
BAT-SNR-1, BAT SNR 1, or BAT SNR 14-20 all reference the same data. To get a flux map, substitute Flux for SNR in any of the aliases above, e.g., BAT Flux 14-20.

Note that case is ignored in survey aliases.

Thanks to the BAT team for the data. If you would like access to the nine-month images please let us know.

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