Continuing SkyView Disk Repair

The final disk that appears to need repair is being worked on today. We have had to relocate the cache directories so queries that require access to remote systems (ie., FIRST, SDSS, Galex, 2MASS) will be slower as we re-transfer data. The SkyView Image Gallery is back online. Hopefully all recovery efforts will be complete within 24 hours. We thank you for your patience.

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7 Responses to Continuing SkyView Disk Repair

  1. Trevor says:


    Wondering if you can help me out.
    Had a star brought for me as a wedding present and i have been trying to work out how to view it on the skyview web site but cant seem to get it right? i keep getting errors with the co-ordinates i enter?

    The co-ordinates are …. 08h39m – 12 07′
    (please note that after the ’12’ value there is a small 0 but i cant find the character on my keyboard to type it?)

    Thanks inadvance.


  2. Laura McDonald says:

    – Start at

    – Enter your coordinates in the Coordinates or Source:box. The following format should work: 8 39, -12 07

    – Select DSS in the Optical/DSS list.

    – Click the Submit button and an image of the sky centered on your coordinates will be displayed.

    We certainly encourage your interest in astronomy and know that it is fun to “buy” a star but we feel obligated to note that no star registry services are recognized by any political or scientific authorities. More information can be found at

    Thanks for your interest in SkyView!

  3. Sam @ Sat Nav GPS says:

    As a non-astronomer I am finding the idea of SkyView extremely fascinating. What a great use of the Internet. I hope the software glitches get sorted out without too much stress and hair pulling. Good luck!

  4. Jonny Bones says:

    I know this is a bit off topic but I find it pretty strange that such a “plain” wordpress theme is being used on !

  5. Laura McDonald says:

    Yes, you are right. One of these days we hope to spiff up the SlyView blog. We do have some ideas.

  6. drilling guar says:

    great ……….skyview we love it.

  7. almet kowalstwo says:

    A’m a non-astronomer. I likke the idea of SkyView and it’s fascinating for me. I love astronomy!!!

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