Features in the Gallery: Color

There has been a whole series of beautiful color images posted to the Gallery recently. Some one (or ones) has been using SkyView‘s RGB capabilities to combine data from multiple surveys into color images. This first image of the center of the Galaxy is one nice example.Center of the galaxy

The mood is quite different in this brooding skyscape around M78.

SkyScape around M78

Take a look in the Gallery and find your favorites. Or use the RGB overlays settings to generate your own. Generally to produce interesting pictures you’ll want to use surveys with comparable resolution.

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2 Responses to Features in the Gallery: Color

  1. Patrick Shane says:

    Cant even imagine what kind of blown away feeling you get when you see this on your monitor. skyscape around M78 link seems to be broken. Here’s the right one skyscape around M78

  2. Tom McGlynn says:

    Thanks Patrick. The link should be fixed. It worked for us, since for us the gsfc.nasa.gov was appended to any non-qualified host name but not for anyone outside of Goddard Space Flight Center.

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