Full GALEX GR4 Available in SkyView

The operational version of SkyView now supports the full GALEX GR4 release. This includes a total of about 170,000 UV images of the sky. Total coverage is about 25,000 square degrees or well over half the sky.

As discussed in earlier posts, GALEX uses a slightly different method of image selection than most other surveys. For a given output pixel, we find the input image which is within a cutoff radius and has the largest exposure. Thus where there are both survey pointed GALEX observations, the pointed data should be used but the output should transition to survey coverage outside the region of pointed coverage. It’s usually easy to see these transitions since the survey data is significantly noisier (due to the shorter exposures).

We’re cleaning out the GALEX cache in SkyView, so you may see a slight decrease in performance as SkyView extracts files from the MAST archive that were already in our cache.

One consequence of this release is that the SkyView jar has gained a little weight — it’s now about 17 MB. Almost all of that is survey descriptions and survey data. Ultimately we may need to separate the code and survey documents into separate files.

The Java 1.5 compatible jar has also been updated to the same version. Previously this had still been pointing to SkyView release 2.4.

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