Moving to Java 1.6.

The current SkyView JAR files were compiled using Java 1.5. We’re likely to move to 1.6 in the next release unless we hear an outcry from our users. It should be a little faster but if you just download the JAR file and use it on your machine you will need to have 1.6 installed. We’ll add a link to a 1.5 version, but we’ll likely stop updating that in a release or two.

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2 Responses to Moving to Java 1.6.

  1. Charles Bell says:

    This is a fantastic program and web site.

    Itty bitty suggestion: Make an rss feed blog, so we can subscribe to it and stay up to date.

    That takes about 5 minutes to with a text editor and a template xml file.

  2. Charles Bell says:

    Well dang. I see the link now at the bottom of this submit a comment form.

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