Package skyview.geometry

Class Summary
Converter A converter applies a succession of transformations on the data
CoordinateSystem The class defines coordinate systems in terms of the operations needed to transform the standard coordinate system (currently J2000) to the coordinate system associated with the object.
Deprojecter This class deprojects a point from a projection plane onto thecelestial sphere.
DepthSampler This class handles sampling in the depth dimension
Distorter This class defines a non-linear distortion in the image plane.
Position This class represents a position in the sky.
Projecter This class projects a point from the celestial sphere to a projection plane.
Projection This class implements projection algorithms to/from a projection plane and the unit sphere.
Scaler This class does 2-D scalings, rotations and linear transformations.
SphereDistorter This class defines a non-linear distortion in the image plane.
Transformer The Transformer class is the superclass for a variety of classes that transform positions represented in one frame to another.
WCS A World Coordinate System defines a translation between celestial and pixel coordinates.

Exception Summary
TransformationException This class is thrown when an error occurs relating to transformations among frames.