Class Projecter

  extended by skyview.geometry.Transformer
      extended by skyview.geometry.Projecter
All Implemented Interfaces:, Component
Direct Known Subclasses:
AitProjecter, ArcProjecter, CarProjecter, CscProjecter, HpxProjecter, SflProjecter, SinProjecter, StgProjecter, TanProjecter, ToaProjecter, ZeaProjecter

public abstract class Projecter
extends Transformer

This class projects a point from the celestial sphere to a projection plane.

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Constructor Summary
Method Summary
protected  int getInputDimension()
          What is the input dimensionality of a projecter?
protected  int getOutputDimension()
          What is the output dimensionality of a projecter?
abstract  Deprojecter inverse()
          Get the inverse
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Constructor Detail


public Projecter()
Method Detail


public abstract Deprojecter inverse()
Get the inverse

Specified by:
inverse in class Transformer


protected int getOutputDimension()
What is the output dimensionality of a projecter?

Specified by:
getOutputDimension in class Transformer


protected int getInputDimension()
What is the input dimensionality of a projecter?

Specified by:
getInputDimension in class Transformer