Class FreehandRoi

  extended by ij.gui.Roi
      extended by ij.gui.PolygonRoi
          extended by ij.gui.FreehandRoi
All Implemented Interfaces:
java.io.Serializable, java.lang.Cloneable

public class FreehandRoi
extends PolygonRoi

Freehand region of interest or freehand line of interest

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Serialized Form

Field Summary
Fields inherited from class ij.gui.PolygonRoi
maxPoints, nPoints, splinePoints, xp, xp2, xScreenSpline, xSpline, yp, yp2, yScreenSpline, ySpline
Fields inherited from class ij.gui.Roi
ANGLE, cachedMask, center, clipboard, clipHeight, clipWidth, clipX, clipY, COMPOSITE, constrain, CONSTRUCTING, FREELINE, FREEROI, HANDLE_SIZE, ic, imp, LINE, mag, MOVING, MOVING_HANDLE, name, NORMAL, NOT_PASTING, oldHeight, oldWidth, oldX, oldY, OVAL, pasteMode, POINT, POLYGON, POLYLINE, previousRoi, RECTANGLE, RESIZING, ROIColor, TRACED_ROI, type, updateFullWindow, xMax, yMax
Constructor Summary
FreehandRoi(int sx, int sy, ImagePlus imp)
Method Summary
protected  void grow(int sx, int sy)
protected  void handleMouseUp(int screenX, int screenY)
Methods inherited from class ij.gui.PolygonRoi
addOffset, clone, contains, draw, drawPixels, fitSpline, getAngle, getFeretsDiameter, getLength, getMask, getNCoordinates, getPolygon, getXCoordinates, getYCoordinates, isHandle, mouseDownInHandle, moveHandle, updatePolygon
Methods inherited from class ij.gui.Roi
abortPaste, addOrSubtract, drawPixels, endPaste, getAngle, getBoundingRect, getBounds, getColor, getCurrentPasteMode, getName, getPasteMode, getState, getType, getTypeAsString, handleMouseDown, handleMouseDrag, isArea, isLine, isVisible, nudge, nudgeCorner, setColor, setImage, setLocation, setName, setPasteMode, showStatus, startPaste, toString, updateClipRect
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Constructor Detail


public FreehandRoi(int sx,
                   int sy,
                   ImagePlus imp)
Method Detail


protected void grow(int sx,
                    int sy)
grow in class PolygonRoi


protected void handleMouseUp(int screenX,
                             int screenY)
handleMouseUp in class PolygonRoi