Class BoundaryMedianDSS2

  extended by skyview.geometry.deedger.BoundaryMedianDSS2
All Implemented Interfaces:, Component, Processor

public class BoundaryMedianDSS2
extends java.lang.Object
implements Processor

This class adjusts the 0 point for data taken from multiple images to try to minize edge effects. The alogithm used in this version is as follows:

  1. Find all of the 'edge' pixels in the image and compute the jump over the edge.
  2. Add the jump to the list of jumps between the two input images involved. Increment a matrix counting jumps between image pairs.
  3. Find the median jump for each pair of adjacent images. This will be used as the offset between these two images.
  4. Create an absolute offset array with a NaN offset for each input image.
  5. Find the source image which has the maximum number of pixels in the output image. Make this the base image with an absolute offset of 0.
  6. Consider the source images in two sets: the set for which an offset has been defined, and a set for which it has not. Initially only the base image is in the first set and all others are in the undefined set.
  7. Find the largest entry in the counts matrix where the row corresponds to an image with a defined offset, and the column corresponds to an image with an undefined offset.
  8. Set the offset of the undefined images as the offset of the defined image plus their relative offset.
  9. Iterate until all input images have an offset defined. If there are too few pixels in a boundary skip it.
  10. Apply the calculated offsets to the appropriate pixels of the input image.

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Constructor Summary
Method Summary
 java.lang.String getDescription()
          Get a description of this object
 java.lang.String getName()
          Get a name for this object
 void process(Image[] inputs, Image output, int[] source, Sampler samp, DepthSampler dsamp)
          Initialize the de-edger.
 void updateHeader(Header h)
          Update a FITS header with the processing done here.
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Constructor Detail


public BoundaryMedianDSS2()
Method Detail


public java.lang.String getName()
Get a name for this object

Specified by:
getName in interface Component


public java.lang.String getDescription()
Get a description of this object

Specified by:
getDescription in interface Component


public void process(Image[] inputs,
                    Image output,
                    int[] source,
                    Sampler samp,
                    DepthSampler dsamp)
Initialize the de-edger.

Specified by:
process in interface Processor
inputs - The input images.
output - The output user image
source - The index array
samp - The spatial sampler (not used)
dsamp - The energy sampler (not used)


public void updateHeader(Header h)
Update a FITS header with the processing done here.

Specified by:
updateHeader in interface Processor