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xMax - Variable in class ij.process.ImageProcessor
xMin - Variable in class ij.process.ImageProcessor
XMLGallery - Class in skyview.request
This class writes an HTML description of a survey based upon its XML survey file.
XMLGallery() - Constructor for class skyview.request.XMLGallery
XMLSurvey - Class in skyview.survey
This class defines a survey based upon an XML file which contains the metadata and image information for the survey.
XMLSurvey(String) - Constructor for class skyview.survey.XMLSurvey
Create a survey whose characteristics are given in an XML file.
XMLSurvey.ImageFinderCallBack - Class in skyview.survey
The class the is called to find images in the Survey XML file.
XMLSurveyDescription - Class in skyview.survey
This class writes an HTML description of a survey based upon its XML survey file.
XMLSurveyDescription() - Constructor for class skyview.survey.XMLSurveyDescription
XMLSurveyFinder - Class in skyview.survey
This class provides functionality to translate survey names into associated survey description files.
XMLSurveyFinder() - Constructor for class skyview.survey.XMLSurveyFinder
Set up the SurveyFinder and populate the map.
XMLSurveyFinder(boolean) - Constructor for class skyview.survey.XMLSurveyFinder
XMLSurveyFinder.SurveyLink - Class in skyview.survey
xor(int) - Method in class ij.process.FloatProcessor
xor(int) - Method in class ij.process.ImageProcessor
Binary exclusive OR of each pixel in the image or ROI with 'value'.
Xtn - Class in skyview.geometry.projecter
This class implements a tangent plane projection for the NEAT survey.
Xtn() - Constructor for class skyview.geometry.projecter.Xtn
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