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J2000 - Static variable in class skyview.geometry.CoordinateSystem
Standard J2000 coordinates -- the reference frame
jacobian(double[]) - Method in class skyview.geometry.distorter.DSS.DSSInv
jacobian(double[]) - Method in class skyview.geometry.Distorter
Get the local Jacobian for the distortion.
jacobian(double[]) - Method in class skyview.geometry.distorter.Neat.NeatInv
jpegSum(String) - Method in class skyview.test.NewTester
JpegWriter - Class in ij.plugin
The File/Save As/Jpeg command (FileSaver.saveAsJpeg() method) uses this plugin to save images in JPEG format.
JpegWriter() - Constructor for class ij.plugin.JpegWriter
Julian - Class in skyview.geometry.csys
The class defining Julian coordinate systems.
Julian(double) - Constructor for class skyview.geometry.csys.Julian
Get a Julian CoordinateSystem of a given epoch.
justification - Variable in class ij.process.ImageProcessor
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