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OctantLines - Class in skyview.geometry.projecter.toast
OctantLines() - Constructor for class skyview.geometry.projecter.toast.OctantLines
open(String) - Static method in class ij.plugin.LutLoader
Opens the specified ImageJ LUT and returns it as an IndexColorModel.
open(InputStream) - Static method in class ij.plugin.LutLoader
Opens an ImageJ LUT using an InputStream and returns it as an IndexColorModel.
or(int) - Method in class ij.process.FloatProcessor
or(int) - Method in class ij.process.ImageProcessor
Binary OR of each pixel in the image or ROI with 'value'.
ordinalSuffix(int) - Static method in class skyview.process.Mosaicker
Find appropriate ordinal suffix for a given integer.
org.apache.commons.math3.exception - package org.apache.commons.math3.exception
org.apache.commons.math3.exception.util - package org.apache.commons.math3.exception.util
org.apache.commons.math3.special - package org.apache.commons.math3.special
Implementations of special functions such as Beta and Gamma.
org.apache.commons.math3.util - package org.apache.commons.math3.util
outDepth - Variable in class skyview.geometry.Sampler
outHeight - Variable in class skyview.geometry.Sampler
outImage - Variable in class skyview.geometry.Sampler
The output image.
output - Variable in class skyview.executive.Imager
The current output image
output - Variable in class skyview.process.imagefinder.Checker
The output image
output - Variable in class skyview.sia.Checker
The output image
outWidth - Variable in class skyview.geometry.Sampler
OVER_UNDER_LUT - Static variable in class ij.process.ImageProcessor
Overlap - Class in skyview.process.imagefinder
This class is a simple image finder which returns all images that may have some overlap with the output image.
Overlap() - Constructor for class skyview.process.imagefinder.Overlap
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