Interface PlugIn

All Known Implementing Classes:
AboutBox, Animator, BMP_Reader, BMP_Writer, BrowserLauncher, CanvasResizer, ClassChecker, ColorPicker, Colors, CommandLister, Compiler, ContrastAdjuster, ContrastEnhancer, ControlPanel, Converter, DICOM, DICOM_Sorter, Distribution, DragAndDrop, Editor, FFT, FFTMath, FITS, Fitter, FolderOpener, Fonts, GelAnalyzer, Histogram, Hotkeys, ImageCalculator, Installer, JavaProperties, JpegWriter, LineWidthAdjuster, LUT_Editor, LutLoader, Macro_Runner, MacroInstaller, MeasurementsWriter, Memory, MemoryMonitor, MemoryTest, MontageMaker, NewPlugin, NextImageOpener, Options, PasteController, PGM_Reader, PlugInFrame, PNG_Writer, PNM_Writer, Raw, Recorder, RGBStackConverter, RGBStackMerge, RoiManager, RoiReader, ScaleBar, Scaler, ScreenGrabber, Selection, SimpleCommands, Slicer, StackEditor, StackWriter, SurfacePlotter, TextFileReader, TextReader, TextWriter, ThreadLister, ThresholdAdjuster, Thresholder, Timer, URLOpener, WindowOrganizer, Zip_Reader, Zoom, ZProjector

public interface PlugIn

Plugins that acquire images or display windows should implement this interface. Plugins that process images should implement the PlugInFilter interface.

Method Summary
 void run(java.lang.String arg)
          This method is called when the plugin is loaded.

Method Detail


void run(java.lang.String arg)
This method is called when the plugin is loaded. 'arg', which may be blank, is the argument specified for this plugin in IJ_Props.txt.