Package ij

Interface Summary

Class Summary
Executer Runs menu commands in a separate thread.
IJ This class consists of static utility methods.
ImageJ This frame is the main ImageJ class.
ImageJApplet Runs ImageJ as an applet and optionally opens images using URLs that are passed as a parameters.
ImagePlus This is an extended image class that supports 8-bit, 16-bit, 32-bit (real) and RGB images.
ImageStack This class represents an expandable array of images.
LookUpTable This class represents a color look-up table.
Macro The class contains static methods that perform macro operations.
Menus This class installs and updates ImageJ's menus.
Prefs This class contains the ImageJ preferences, which are loaded from the "IJ_Props.txt" and "IJ_Prefs.txt" files.
RecentOpener Opens, in a separate thread, files selected from the File/Open Recent submenu.
SocketListener Runs commands sent to the port returned by ImageJ.getPort().
Undo This class consists of static methods and fields that implement ImageJ's Undo command.
WindowManager This class consists of static methods used to manage ImageJ's windows.