Package ij.gui

Class Summary
ColorChooser Displays a dialog that allows the user to select a color using three sliders.
FreehandRoi Freehand region of interest or freehand line of interest
GenericDialog This class is a customizable modal dialog box.
GUI This class consists of static GUI utility methods.
HistogramWindow This class is an extended ImageWindow that displays histograms.
HTMLDialog This is modal dialog box that displays HTML formated text.
ImageCanvas This is a Canvas used to display images in a Window.
ImageLayout This is a custom layout manager that supports resizing of zoomed images.
ImageWindow A frame for displaying images.
Line This class represents a straight line selection.
MessageDialog A modal dialog box that displays information.
MultiLineLabel Custom component for displaying multiple lines.
NewImage New image dialog box plus several static utility methods for creating images.
OvalRoi Oval region of interest
Plot This class is an image that line graphs can be drawn on.
PlotWindow This class is an extended ImageWindow that displays line graphs.
PointRoi This class represents selection consisting of one or more points.
PolygonRoi This class represents a polygon region of interest or polyline of interest.
ProfilePlot Creates a density profile plot of a rectangular selection or line selection.
ProgressBar This is the progress bar that is displayed in the lower right hand corner of the ImageJ window.
Roi A rectangular region of interest and superclass for the other ROI classes.
SaveChangesDialog A modal dialog box with a one line message and "Don't Save", "Cancel" and "Save" buttons.
ShapeRoi A subclass of ij.gui.Roi (2D Regions Of Interest) implemented in terms of java.awt.Shape.
StackWindow This class is an extended ImageWindow used to display image stacks.
TextRoi This class is a rectangular ROI containing text.
Toolbar The ImageJ toolbar.
TrimmedButton This is an extended Button class used to reduce the width of the HUGE buttons on Mac OS X.
Wand This class implements ImageJ's wand (tracing) tool.
YesNoCancelDialog A modal dialog box with a one line message and "Yes", "No" and "Cancel" buttons.